Themes and Colors

Holistics app allows users to create custom color palettes to be applied to your reports and dashboards.

Setting Chart Colors#

With normal charts, you can set colors of individual chart series by going to Chart Series section.

Color Palettes#

Holistics allows you to define a color palette to be used in your chart for consistency.

On the top right, click Settings > More Settings > Chart Color Palettes to start using the color palette.

To use a color palette as default (Every chart generated in your team will use this color palette as default)

The color palette will be available when you set chart colors. Holistics app could set the colors as you defined by clicking Auto:

A sample use case is you are having an eCommerce business and you need to know the revenue of each category, especially on Bag and Shoes. Therefore we will set the color palette for each of category, which Bag and Shoes are bold colors.

The corresponding colors above will be used automatically when your Pie Chart has the same data label: