In Holistics, Metric/KPI visualization presents your data as a single number. This is a simple yet effective way to draw attention and invite further data exploration.

When to use Metric/KPI?#

Sometimes, a number is worth a thousand words. Metric/KPI visualization is the best choice when you just want a snapshot of your performance, or quickly compare your number with another value (for example, past performance, goals...)

Create a Metric/KPI#

To create a Metric/KPI, simply select the visualization and drag the necessary measure into Value field. You can optionally include a Comparison Value to give your number more context, for example, last month's number, or a goal. When you doing so, both the value and comparison value will be displayed in a tooltip.

Styling options#

In the Styles tab, you can specify how you want to display your number. There are four modes:

  • Single: Only the Value will be displayed
  • Compare by number: the difference between Value and Comparison Value will be displayed as a raw number
  • Compare by percent: the difference will be displayed as a percentage
  • Progress: a progress bar with goal completion percentage will be displayed under the Value.

  • Reverse color: By default, in comparison modes, green means increasing (positive) and red means decreasing (negative). For metrics that hold negative meanings (for example, churn rate, revenue lost...) you can reverse the color: