BigQuery Setup

Connecting Holistics to BigQuery#

This document shows steps to set up a new BigQuery data source for use with Holistics' reporting and adhoc query features. Following the steps below to set up Google BigQuery data source.

Standard SQL queries#

Step 1: Create Google service account#

Fill up the form through each step

  • For service account permissions in step 2, grant the required access to BigQuery. A BigQuery Admin role would have the required privileges.

  • In step 3, remember to chose Create key to download the Private Key

Key type should be JSON

  • Click on the CREATE to download the private key.
  • And DONE to create the service account.

Step 2: Add Google BigQuery data source#

  • Go to Data Sources Management and click "New Data Source" button.
  • Fill in the name of the data source. Set the data source type to "BigQuery".
  • Fill in the project ID of your BigQuery project.
  • In the JSON credentials text box, copy and paste the content of JSON file downloaded in the previous step.
  • Click on Test connection to ensure the connection works.
  • Click on Submit button to finish.

Now you can use your BigQuery data source in your reports and ad-hoc queries!

Google Sheets via BigQuery##

If you've added Google Sheets tables to your BigQuery project, you can query them in Holistics from your BigQuery connection after a few settings updates.

Enable Google Drive API##

  • Log in to your Google Cloud Console and choose APIs & Services > Dashboard in the left navigation. Then click Enable APIs and Services

Search for Google Drive API, select it, and click Enable.

Add Service Account client ID to the Google Sheet#

  • Open Google Cloud Console > IAM & admin > Service accounts
  • Select the service account which is used to connect to BigQuery (in above instructions) and copy the email

  • Open your Google Sheet, and click on the Share button, then enter the Email above to text box People, and click Send

  • And now you would be able to select the table whose source is the Google Sheet above.