Metric Sheets

Holistics Metrics allow you to define values to be measured, presented and monitored regularly, and easily presented them in different form and time period.

Metrics Sheets#

Multiple metrics can be grouped together into a Metric Sheet, giving you a bird's-eye view of all those metrics. Headers, sub-headers can also be used in the sheet to make it easier to organize the selected metrics.

## Metrics In Dashboard

A single metric can be added as a widget in a Dashboard to allow dashboard consumer to view the metric at a glance. You can add metrics to dashboard as metric widget. And it will be displayed as below.

Metrics Dashboard

Creating Metric#

To define a metric, go to Metrics, New Metric, and provide necessary details:

  • Metric Name
  • Query: this is the query to calculate the metric value:
    • It needs to contains the string {{time_where}}
    • The query needs to return a single number value
  • Time Expression: Provide the SQL expression to point to the date field in your table.


For example, we define a simple "Successful Orders" metric based on the underlying orders table

  • Metric Name: Successful Orders
  • Time Expression: created_at::date (there should be a created_at field behind)
  • Query:
SELECT count(1) FROM orders
WHERE status = 'success' AND {{time_where}}

Depending on the time period being queried, Holistics will translate {{time_where}} to the correct range condition

For example if today is Feb 20, 2017 and user is querying for last 7 days (excluding today):

SELECT count(1) FROM orders
WHERE status = 'success' AND (created_at::date >= '2017-02-12' AND created_at::date < '2017-02-20')

Adding metrics to dashboard#

To add metrics to a dashboard, simply go to Dashboard and click on "Add Widget" > Metrics

Metrics Dashboard

then choose the settings:

Metrics Dashboard

and see how it looks like in a dashboard:

Metrics Dashboard