Support for importing data from non-SQL Sources has ended

Holistics had supported importing data from non-SQL sources for the past few years. But the time came for us to invest our resources toward more meaningful things we believe in. Therefore, we made a tough decision to stop supporting the new version of importing data from other applications including Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and Pipedrive from December 2021. This means our support team is still available to help you with the current version of the connector. However, if there is a new update from those sources, we cannot assist you.

What happens if I still need to import data from these non-SQL sources?#

In general, there are two ways:

  • Use Alternative Solutions to import data to your database
  • Continue using the out-of-date version of Holistics Data Import (NOT recommend)

Use alternative solution#

The alternative solution we suggest is using other state-of-the-art import tools such as FiveTran, StitchData, or Airbyte.

Continue using the out-of-date version of Holistics Data Import (NOT recommend)#

As our technical support for non-SQL sources has ended so the connection can still work, however, you may face unexpected errors due to outdatedness. In addition, we do not prioritize technical assistance relating to these sources. Therefore, we highly recommend using alternative solutions.

Thank you for trusting us!