Create First Report And Dashboard (Legacy)

Creating your first Holistics report and dashboard is easy! In Holistics, you first create a report (or widget), which you then add to your dashboard.

Just point-and-click to add and build, reports, pivot tables and charts.

To build a report, use Datasets to let your users ask intuitive business questions using a drag-and-drop interface, without needing to ask data analysts to build any queries. A Dataset contains related Data Models connected by relationships. In a Dataset, users can ask and answer questions by combining dimensions and measures from the models.

Datasets for no-code data exploration for everyday business users.

Or use our innovative hybrid SQL Drag-and-drop Editor, that allows you to write SQL quickly, and do simple drag-and-drop operations for fast visualizations. Now you don’t need to be a SQL-wizard to draw insights directly from your data!

Once you are happy with your chosen visualization, proceed to save your report. That’s it! You have just created your first report! To add your new report, charts and metrics to a Dashboard in Holistics, simply select **+ New Dashboard**, then select **+ Add Widget** to add new or existing reports and metrics to your dashboard.

Holistics Dashboards make automating metrics, charts and tables from your database simple, plus easy to share.

For more details on how you can realize the full flexibility and potential of your Holistics reports, you can refer to our documentation on report creation and features here.