Data Access Control At Records Level (Legacy)

This video shows how you can easily set up data access control on Holistics from the records level. This saves you time from duplicating the same report type and sharing them with different user groups within your company.

For detailed docs, learn more here

This video shows a report that lists down all the users from different countries.

  • The admin user (analyst) can access the data from any of the 6 countries in South East Asia.
  • We want to restrict our internal user(s) to access only users data for countries that they are responsible for.

We achieve this by setting the users into user groups as below (refer to Kim, Robert and Demo Admin).

  • Kim, a customer support staff based in Malaysia, viewing the same report, can only see Malaysian users data and cannot filter the data by other countries.

  • Robert, a community manager who handles users in Singapore and Malaysia, can access either Singapore or Malaysia data (or both).

Holistics makes it easy for you to set this up without the need to create and maintain different database user accounts on your backend.