Adding Filters To Your Report (Legacy)

The Holistics 'Filters' feature gives you a high level of control over your data, providing flexibility when it comes to modifying the ways to view your Holistics reports, and allows less SQL savvy users to easily customize report views to obtain the specific results they seek, for easier data exploration.

This guide shows you how to create date filters, dropdown filters and text filters, as well as the various methods for adding filter values such as by using manual entries, extraction from database tables or by using SQL statements.

Notice in the video how we add filters by assigning them variable names and labels. This dropdown filter has been assigned the variable name 'gender' (in lowercase).

The filter variable names have to be referred to inside your SQL query syntax using double curly braces in the query editor, for the filters to be able to work in your report. In this example, the dropdown filter variable name 'gender' appears inside the SQL query syntax as {{gender}} in line 49 of the query editor, to enable the 'Gender' dropdown filter to work when the query is run.

Refer to the Holistics docs for more details on adding report filters.