Area Chart

Area Chart is an extension of Line Chart. It not only displays the series of data points, but also gives you a visual representation of volume.

When to use Area Chart?#

Area Chart is used when you want to compare the change of volumes over time between categories, or the distribution of categories as parts of a whole. Different area chart types will serve different purposes.

Standard Area Chart#

This is best used to grasp the quantity progression over time.

Stacked Area Chart#

Stacked Area Chart is best when you want to monitor the contribution of categories over time.

100% Stacked Area Chart#

This is best used to visualize the contribution of categories, when you do not care for the actual raw number.

Create an Area Chart#

All settings for Area Chart are the same as Line Chart. However, their use is a bit different due to the strong visual impact that Area Chart can bring to your audience.

Start with a series split by a dimension:

Then select Area chart, and map the fields to X-axis, Y-axis and Legend:


It is possible to add multiple Y-axes to an Area Chart, but it is not recommended because your chart will become confusing.

Styling options#

To make full use of Area Chart, remember to select your desired stacking option.