Apache Druid Setup

Druid Supported Version

Support version: 0.10.0+ API support version: druid/v2/sql

To ensure successful connection to your Druid data source, make sure you have set druid.sql.enable = true either in your common.runtime.properties or your Broker's runtime.properties. For more details please follow the official docs.

Setup Reverse SSH Tunnels

Using Holistics from a private network

If your database is not accessible from a public network - either it is behind a firewall or private network, our recommendation is to Setup Reverse SSH Tunnels.

Navigate to New Data Source. Select Apache Druid as your data source type. Host and Port are required. Username and Password are optional depending on your configuration. Click Test Connection and then click Submit when it is done.

Your Apache Druid is now added to Holistics and usable from any SQL interface: