Holistics Support and Feature Requests

Holistics is used by hundreds of companies and thousands of users, we always try to continuously develop our product to give our customers the best BI solution. Please understand that even we would love to implement all of the requests, but due to limited resources, we have to prioritize which one would benefit all the Holistics users first.

Please read our document below to understand more how we prioritize our support requests.

How to send a support ticket#

Please submit a ticket via this form or send us an email to [email protected].

Feature Request#

For feature request, you can track how many people request or add your requests here http://holistics.io/community The status of your request will be updated in the community threads as well.

Support Priority#

P1 - Critical This is highly prioritized by our team, we will support and help you resolve this problem as soon as possible.

P2 - Normal We will discuss internally to have a plan for it in our product roadmap in the near future.

P3 - Nice to have We will add to our product backlog, when we come back to this feature we will include your suggestions into our development plan

How we prioritize support requests

RequestsP1 - CriticalP2P3

% Teams get benefit or request this same feature (And this feature is not planned on our roadmap)




Holistics is down


Something is not working anymore


Security Issue


If you are on Enterprise Plan, please contact your account manager for direct requests.