Data Alerts For Automated Notifications (Legacy)

Holistics Data Alerts is an advanced feature for power users, allowing you to receive automatic email alerts when there are sudden changes, spikes, falls or other abnormal behavior in your data.

By selecting the Alert checkbox for an email schedule, an email alert will only be sent on schedule if there is data retrieved that fulfills the query and filter conditions set. Combined with our powerful Holistics filters, this allows you to passively monitor your business data around the clock, to react to sudden opportunities or threats with the help of this "digital partner" that never sleeps!

In this example, our filters were built using the Holistics If-Else expression, allowing us to create three different custom data alert email schedules while using the very same report. For more information on If-Else conditions in Holistics, you can refer to our documentation here.

Please have a look at our supporting documentation on email schedules and alerts here, for additional details.