Radar Chart

Radar Chart presents your multivariate data on axes starting from the same point. Values on the axes of the same subject are connected with a straight line, which makes the visualization looks like a "radar".

When to use Radar Chart?#

Radar Chart is a visually striking means to show outliers and commonality between objects, or to show that a subject is superior to others in every variable.

Radar Chart is only suitable for ordinal measurements, for example ranking or ratings.

Create a Radar Chart#

To use Radar Chart, your data need to have the following form:

  • Name / ID of the subject to be compared
  • The ordinal variables that represent the measurements. These variables must be of the same scale, and they quantify the subject's better or worse quality.

Compare multiple subjects on multiple measurements#

Place the Name / ID of the subject in Legend field, and the measurements in Y Axis field. This way the measurements will be visualized for individual subjects:

Compare multiple subjects on one measurement#

If you only need to compare your subjects on one measurement, simply put your subject's Name / ID in the X Axis field: