Date Range Filter

The Date Range Filter is an extension of Date Filter that allows you to select values for date_range_start and date_range_end variables in the same UI.

The default variable name for the filter is date_range, but you can specify a different name. When saving the filter, Holistics will add _start and _end suffixes to create a pair of variables. In this case, the two final variables will be date_range_start and date_range_end

To use the variables in your report SQL, refer to them using double curly braces: {{ date_range_start }} and {{ date_range_end }}.


  • Default Start Date, End Date: Optional. If not set, this will default to 'yesterday'. The date filter accepts both specific date expressions (for example 2018-12-31) and relative date expressions such as 'yesterday' or '2 weeks ago'. Please see Working With Dates for more information.
  • Help text: Optional. Description of the filter.


  • Selectable range: Explicitly define the time range that users can choose from.

To see how to include the date range filter in your query, please see Query Syntax.