Email Schedule Info

The current email schedule detail would be responded if the payload is valid or an error if invalid email schedule ID.


GET /api/v1/email_schedules/<email_schedule_id>



  • id: Numeric. Unique email schedule identifier
  • recipients: Array. List of email addresses.
  • bcc: Array. List of BCC addresses.
  • title: Text. Email subject. In default, source title will be used if title is not available.
  • body_text: Text. Text content inside email body.
  • format: Attachment format. Available values are txt, csv, excel, pdf or none. Default is excel.
  • source: Object. the source that this email schedule is referred to. Available only on retrieving data.
  • options: Object. Optional fields. Please see the Options for detail.
  • schedule: Object. Please see the Schedule for detail.
  • filter_values: Object. Filter values applied in this report/dashboard. Please see the Filter Values reference for detail.


  • preview: Include preview inside email content. Default value true
  • include_pdf: Include a PDF of a report or the whole dashboard. The default value is false.
  • include_header: Include column headers in an attached file. The default is false. Not available if the format is none
  • password_enabled: true this email schedule is protected by a password. Available only on retrieving data. Not available if format is none
  • selected_widgets: List of widget IDs are selected to include in the email. _all for selecting all widgets.
  • include_report_link: Include link to report / dashboard. The default is false.
  • dont_send_when_empty: Just send the email when data is available. The default is false.


  • repeat: Crontab expression. Example: 0 4 * * * will start a job at 4:00 AM everyday. You can check your crontab expression by using

    We recommend that you should change the repeat time to prevent anti-spam filter from your email provider. For example 0 4 * * * (job start at 4:00 AM) could be 1 4 * * * (job start at 4:01 AM) or 5 4 * * *(job start at 4:05 AM) . This will also help your database does not get overload when there are many email schedules that execute at the same time.

  • paused: Pause execution temporarily. The default is false.


  • id: current source ID. You could find the Source ID via our docs.
  • type: current source type. You could find the Source Type via our docs.
  • title: source title, this will be used for field title if it is blank

Filter Values#

This object is mainly matched by the filter variable that you created inside Holistics. The default value will be used if you do not input any specific data to it.